All I Want For Christmas is Toning and a Six Pack…

… by Christmas 2015.


Happy New Year! We want that to be your reality so here’s the new challenge…. We’re calling it the “Resolute Challenge” because resolute is a leap beyond resolve… This will be a 6 Week Challenge running January 12th- February 20th 2015.

Every year my schedule triples and quadruples in January with a wave a newly passionate people ready to make a difference in their fitness. One of the things I absolutely love about this is the momemtum that if fueled properly leads to overall HUGE results!

I wanted it to be different the 100 Challenge and didn’t know how to start… then I thought, let’s do a a fitness personality test! But I couldn’t find one so I made one. I made it with absolute enjoyment through my dorky love for weird facts and scientific studies of personalities, and figuring out WHY people do the things they do and ultimately why they succeed. (Have you ever read the SCIENCE OF YOU? FULL of cool studies… ) I wish I could say I was a fitness psychiatrist but that’s not a real thing…

SO we start with this pretty basic test where we figure out the why, what and how YOU start and what YOU need to complete your NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS.

Common New Years Resolutions… (aka WHY)

Lose 5-10 lbs, Stress Relief, I need to get healthier or I’ll get a really serious disease, Lose 2 lbs, 10 lbs, 50 or 100, get Faster, get stronger, Toning/Definition, a 6 Pack, Better time for 5k, Run a Half Marathon, Be so athletic I could model for Nike, I watch TV 20+ hours a week there-must-be-more-to-life, I FEEL BLAH, I want to be a Super Hero….

What motivates you? When do you workout? How many days do you work out? 

We take all these questions, and match you with 1-3 people who are your perfect match to be your team members. Plus Courtney, Candace or I will be your group’s Personal Trainer. We will write you a plan with realistic goals… You’ll get points and they’ll be scored based on your personal daily assignment. (That does NOT mean you won’t have to do burpees. ) You will work out with your team members, they will share your goals and they’ll make it more fun.

Cost is $25.00 and we have a “TWIST” 

You will also be matched to a “Sponsor” they will provide the competition aspect to this challenge. Your sponsor will take $25.00 (the registration fee) and put it in a jar with your name on it. Your sponsor will be on a different team than you, you’ll send your points to her/him each week (each point is worth $0.25) and we’ll have two points a day.  At the end of the challenge they will reward you with a gift card with what is left of the $25.00 that they put in your jar. (Sponsors will have a sponsor too. It’s the circle of life.)  The reward will be something like a $20.00 Starbucks Gift Card, or Brunch at Blue’s Egg, something that you will enjoy, you can tell your sponsor what you are working for! We will still go out for a celebratory meal too just for fun. The remaining $ will be to the “RUN JAR” to help pay for a 5K of your choosing in the summer. You can walk, run or cheerlead or volunteer at a run if you have an injury that inhibits lots of walking/running but you gotta do something, if you have more than $10.00 left over after your reward. (It’s really not a punishment it will be fun AND its MOTIVATION!)

The cool thing is that each person will be rewarded and recognized for their efforts, you’ll have team support and a little competition! You’ll meet your goals and be on the path to long term success!

I have the fitness personality test ready and I’d love to get a headstart matching people up with their teams BEFORE the start date!

If you’ve never tried XCEL PERSONAL TRAINING now is the perfect time to join! Try a week for free classes anytime in January, (We love new people at XCEL, we’ll learn your name and everything…)

Call, text or email! (414)771-0365


Our 100’s Challenge has been completed with HUGE success! So many personal goals have been met through the awesome team support and countless workouts!

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We have a class for you!! Our Instructors LOVE a brand new beginner just as much as we love the fitness expert! Both our morning and pm classes welcome ANYONE! I know, working out in a new place, with people you don’t know, doing things you are not good at (yet) is enough to keep many people away from reaching their personal fitness goals! While personal training is definitely an option for those who feel they “Aren’t ready for a group,” At XCEL we specialize in making you feel comfortable in our classes too. If need a suggestion for what class is right for you, just call and we will suggest a class schedule that is the RIGHT FIT for you! Don’t let feeling intimidated keep you from finding success in meeting your goals!

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Here’s a little about TRX

TRX Classes are CUSTOMIZED to meet YOU where you are at and bring you to the next level! We have all levels of fitness with TRX Class Participants… there are no prerequisites for strength and conditioning… TRX CAN be customized to work around any pre-existing injuries you might have! You may have seen a group working out at an advanced level and I wouldn’t want that to deter you from trying it out!

Here is an quote from about TRX Suspension Training:

“The Benefits of TRX Suspension Training

  1. It’s great for all levels. “Anyone can use TRX due to its versatility,” says Balzarini.
  2. It’s portable. It weighs two pounds so you can take it anywhere and use it indoors or outdoors.
  3. It helps you reach any goal.  Use to improve sports performance, lose weight, gain strength, rehab an injury, and more.
  4. It’s functional. It’s designed to carry everywhere and meets the demands of daily activities.
  5. You stand to train. People sit too much and have sedentary lifestyles. This allows you to get off your butt.
  6. It’s all core all the time. “TRX requires you to constantly remain “engaged” and “stable” throughout your entire body,” says Balzarini.

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TRY SOMETHING NEW! (Especially if you STINK at it)

I’m all about trying something new. There’s something about being really horrible at something, and then progressively getting better at it, that never stops amazing me.

It takes anywhere from 800 to 3000 times of trying something before muscle memory starts to kick in. So that’s the learning curve I allow for myself and that’s how many times I will encourage you to keep going. You really will learn whatever you are trying to do. Your body is simply that amazing.

You will succeed. I promise.

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Now What Do I EAT?

I’ve tried it all. Slimfast Bars, Lo Carb, those little drops you buy from Walgreens that are supposed to make you super skinny… sometimes they worked but when I went back to “real food” the weight came right back. (I mean who wants to eat chocolate chip cookie dough slim fast bars every single meal forever!) 

Counting calories pure and simple has worked very well for me in the past. Then I started noticing the quality of the calories I was putting into my body wasn’t the best. I mean, a McChicken Sandwich is 360 calories, my giant latte is 550 calories and I had just enough calories left to eat some left over pasta for dinner. 

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